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28 Jun 2010 - Octavio Oliveira

Octavio Oliveira

This Hobby it was a nice choice after my retirement.
The target, build the static models of tall ships.

Octavio Oliveira

After two models, the first one, School Ship Polar (photo1) that I offered to navy school of my country at 6th of June 2002 and the second one the half model of Zenobe Gramme (photo 2) a Belgian tall ship, I decided to continue this kind of modelling, but using geometric plans. (Photo 3)

Without a background concerning nautical technology it was easier for me to carve only the half hulls. Please see photos 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

First one collection was « born »�photos 9, 10

Why not, only showing the framework? Photos 11, 12

My last interest is the military subs., really these machines fascinate me a lot.

One of the reasons, some officers of our navy show me the �Delfim� (English translation, Dolphin)
that belongs of the last class in duty (France origin),
very soon replaced for the modern U209PN ( Germany origin).

Of course, I constructed some little replicas of it scale, 1/100
and I offered one of them at 5th of April 2006, photos 13, 14, 15 and 16.

One detail is the name and graduation of all members of the last crew engraved in the support.

Now, I am trying to finish a trophy symbolizing the change of
BARRACUDA class to the most modern unities photo 17.

In photos 18, 19, several models one is the trophy, two manners of construction,
but the big difference, one � at scale 1/50,
has more than 1 meter of long�as you can see in photos 20, 21, 22.

As there is more info concerning this old submarine class, I invite you to follow me to the next step.
Why not? Visit The Great �DELFIM�

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