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28 Jun 2010 - Static Models

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Static Models

An article by Octavio Oliveira

First of all I tried with some success, I believe…to copy for MDF replicas of ships
that appeared in some postal cards and revues…
Indeed a very complicated task without plans

Why this material - MDF? Well, it is very easy to get, to work, stable and cheap.
Inconvenient: makes much powder, unfortunately very bad for the eyes and bronchus.

As we need the surfaces very hard, not porous because it is necessary to polish them,
it is necessary to apply some layer of aqueous grain filler.

I cannot use the aerograph, that’s a pity, it is not possible in my apartment (my wife will be dangerous..),
but I get good results applying satin coloured varnish very diluted with good brush.

Let us go to see something…first from a plaque of MDF,
I get 5 rectangular pieces, 20 cms by 10,thickness 10 millimetres,
now we have a block applying glue in the faces, (Photo 1).

I followed a drawing of a micro trawler from a French revue,
and helped by a chisel with a wooden mallet,
a knife Xacto and a medium file for wood and sandpaper too,
the small ship “Júlinha” was made photos 2, 3 and 4.

Next a tug: “Avó Jú”. Photos 5 to 9.

With some different blocks, a Mississippi was “born” later. Photos 10 to 12.

As we were navigators a long time ago,
it was impossible to forget the carracks. Photos 13 to 17

I am making a copy of Banker a powerful tug from documentation of a plastic kit given by a friend.
I prefer to make all pieces, one by one. Photo 18 to 20.It is not finished yet

Photos 21 and 22 show the little Suroit a French research ship growing in MDF…

I hope one day to finish these handmade models …
in reality I spend most of my free time with half hulls and submarines!

But finally, I was prepared to construct something more detailed and perfect,
soon we a take a look the project of N.R.P.Polar one schooner very pretty,
for instruction of future officers in our navy. I spent 7 months to finish this model!
I navigated in this boat …a small trip in the wonderful river “Tejo” in front of Lisbon.

See you later. Soon, I came back.

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