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Author Topic: Exposition in Pomarão - RIO GUADIANA, GUADIANA RIVER VALLEY  (Read 3155 times)


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« on: December 06, 2007, 07:11:29 AM »

This is an exhibition of models concerning the boats that navigate in the [amazonsearch]Guadiana river[/amazonsearch] for a half decade to about 1960.

Mr. José Murta Pereira was born 5 December of 1937 at the village GUERREIROS DO RIO (belongs to administration of Alcoutim), he lived there till 19 years old when he went to serve in the army ( The military service it was obliged by law).

In 1971 he came back from Angola and with his wife visited the lower part of the river Guadiana (Baixo Guadiana), she was fascinated by the beauty of the river and the artisan system of the fishermen.

He promises to her as a gift to build a model of a little boat (lancha) very usual in that time in this part of the river. But he needs 30 years to accomplish his promise…it was the first piece of a collection (30 models) made by this man.

José Murta does not consider himself an artisan or artist, but only someone who fell in love with this treasure of Nature, the [amazonsearch]Guadiana river[/amazonsearch].

First the models are classified by regions in the riverside Guadiana which belongs to [amazonsearch]Portugal[/amazonsearch].

-----region of Alcoutim---region Castro Marim---region of Mértola---region Vila Real de António-----

Region Alcoutim

Alcoutim & Sanlucar de Guadiana

Alcoutim….cargo boat belongs to company União Fabril with 2 ship’s life boats

Guarda Fiscal………launch from maritime police

Rafa…….boat 4 meters long, used to give assistance to cargo boats and also to transport farm products produced in the river side.

Rodrigo……launch to fish with hooks in the river

Lucília……launch to fish with mesh

Lagarto……boat with Latin sail to transport goods to the villages at river side

Romanita………boat to distribute post letters and parcels between Alcoutim and Vila Real de Antonio

Maria Balbina……boat with 2 decks covered good for bad weather

Paula………boat to transport passengers between several riverside villages

Region Castro Marim

Maria Alexandrina…boat to supply the people that are living near the river

Boa Esperança……this ship was similar to the others described before.

Lino……ship to fish during the night (at summer time)

Pé Leve……ship to fish in the afluents of Guadiana

Zé Marujo……ship to sell the fish captured by others to the populations in river side

Region Mértola

Ponte da Barca…..mobil bridge to cross the river…

Guadiana……ship to transport following a timetable passengers till Vila Real de António

Célia……ship used to fish with other twin.

Dora……ship without keel . then it navigates with a little depth.

Loulé……lauch two metres long to cross the river with passengers.

Nusca……ship to give some support to biger boats.

Carla……ship to fish using nets

Region Vila Real de António

Campino……This boat is alive today! But with a little utilization. Transporting passengers and cars.between Vila Real de António (Portugal) and Ayamonte (Spain)

Agadão……very old ship used to capture sardines. It has a crew of 30 fishermen.

Paulo Mira……boat to transport the captured sardines by Agadão and the port.

Jorge……ship to fish dragging

Nordeste……boat to fish using a very spetial way with a big bag in net.

Escaler salva vicas(ship’s life)…belong of equipment’s cargo Alcoutim

Chata or Bateira…..2 little boats auxiliars for the tasls in fishing.

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