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Author Topic: SABRE 38 Sloop HalfHull  (Read 3448 times)


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SABRE 38 Sloop HalfHull
« on: December 27, 2006, 11:25:12 AM »

SABRE 38 Sloop
The Sabre 38 is a fine example of a contemporary cruising sail boat. It has evolved well. it is very difficult to develop a cruising sailboat and keep the vessel looking trim and fine. Space is always a primary concern and in the process of obtaining space, much of the vessels beauty is lost. This boat is 38' 8" on deck with a 12' 4" beam.

Sabre sailing yachts are medium displacement,
performance cruising yachts, blending the comfort of cruising, the capacity for bluewater passagemaking, and the capability of race winning performance.

Sabre sailing yachts are designed for a high load carrying capacity, and stability is achieved both by hull form and by high ballast-to-displacement ratios. Efficient keel shapes allow optimum lift and provide excellent performance as well as close upwind pointing angles.

Sail plans are developed to offer the best possible balance of light air performance and heavy weather stability. Sail areas are selected to allow a full mainsail and 150% genoa to be comfortably carried up to 14 knots of wind. This "rule of thumb" will vary depending on the sail cut and rig tension of individual boats.
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